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Friday, November 24, 2017
Student Services / Student Council

Student Council

The St. Elizabeth Seton Student Council consists of sixteen middle school students ranging from 5th-8th grade who work together to become active Catholics, lifelong learners, self- confident individuals, and community contributors.  Participation in Student Council enhances the student's school experience by fostering community service, engaging them in cooperative activities, and instilling a sense of pride in the school.

Mentors are continuously working to build skills with the students to meet these goals:

  1. Developing and promoting student activity and engagement in their school and the community
  2. Encouraging student participation in student council events and morning assemblies
  3. Developing student leadership, personal growth, and responsibility
  4. Representing the student body and serving as role models for all students.

Student Council Members are required to attend weekly meetings.  Every Wednesday morning students are responsible for leading the school assembly, which consists of prayers, inspirational videos, and other special announcements. Students accept responsibility for other school events, as well as community service activities for the surrounding areas.

Student Council is responsible of a variety of services projects and events throughout the school year.  In addition to morning assemblies, Student Council creates a Halloween Haunted House, helps during the Halloween Parade, organizes ten days of Novena during Advent, assists with Catholic School Week activities, Spirit Week, Lenten Garden Nursing Home, May Day, St. Nicholas Day, and more.

Students are required to maintain a B average. Students must have approval by their parents and at least three teachers to run for student council.  Students are expected to run their own election campaign. During the campaign, students must write a speech and deliver it to all students from 4th-8th grade.


2015-2016 Student Council Members

Mentor: Ms. Hunter

Mentor: Ms. Estes

President: Alexia Gutierrez

Vice President: David Garcia

Secretary: Jocelyn Avalos

Treasurer: Elizabeth Aboytes

Assembly Coordinator: Irene Verdin

Activities Coordinator: Carlos Deras

Activities Coordinator: Marie Rossiter

Religious Coordinator: Lizeth Suarez

Historian: Briana Diaz

8th grade Class Representative: Sidney Segura

7th grade Class Representative: Alexa Gomez

6th grade Class Representative: Ayzela Gonzalez

6th grade Class Representative: Hobson Tupou

5th grade Class Representative: Emanuel Lopez

5th grade Class Representative: Alexander Medel

Elementary Representative: Alvaro Colmenares


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