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Friday, November 24, 2017
Giving / Donate


St. Elizabeth Seton School relies on private donations and grants to support our mission of transforming the lives of children from low-income families by providing an elementary education regardless of a family's ability to pay tuition.  Meeting the needs of Seton students would be very difficult without donor support.

We invite you to join in St. Elizabeth Seton School's mission, so that together we may ensure that families who are experiencing financial hardship will rest assured knowing their children's education will not be affected.  Your help, regardless of the amount, will make a difference and will touch almost every student at Seton School.

Scholarship Support

School tuition is beyond the reach of most families and virtually all students require scholarship assistance.  We rely on the generosity of donors -- individuals, community organizations, foundations, and businesses -- to help bridge the gap in the cost of educating a child, our tuition and the amount a family can pay. Through the support of scholarships, you will be helping to educate a future first generation college graduate, or pave the way for an English language learner to master critical verbal and reading skills to be well positioned and competitive in the work place.

Sponsorship Opportunities

St. Elizabeth Seton School strives to offer quality programs to its students with the goal of inspiring academic exploration to prepare students for a lifetime of learning. The financial commitment of individuals, community and corporate partners enables us to continue offering students a comprehensive educational experience.

You may contribute a restricted gift to any of the programs below or donate an unrestricted gift.  

  • Tuition Assistance 
  • Resource Specialist for children with special learning needs
  • Preschool Program
  • Technology Education
  • Music Education
  • Athletic Program
  • Counseling Program 
  • Extended Day Program (before and after school)
  • Summer School Program

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