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Friday, November 24, 2017
Academics / Technology Education

Technology Education

Welcome to the Computer Lab at St. Elizabeth Seton School.  Through the generosity of donors in 2012-2013 school year, the Seton technology lab was updated with 32 iMac desktop computers.


In addition to being an extension of the classroom, with students practicing California Content Standards and skills, the lab also emphasizes the development of computer skills that will provide for success in high school, college and beyond. The lab is used for research projects in all areas of the standards including science, social studies and religion allowing students to learn proficiency in Microsoft Office programs including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and create, research, write and publish documents. 


Kindergarten classes through 8th grade meet twice weekly in the computer lab. Lower grades focus on keyboard familiarization and beginning reading and math skills.  Microsoft Word is introduced in 1st Grade with the students practicing their spelling words.  At 3rd grade typing fundamentals are introduced along with an introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint. 


Each year additional components of the tools are built upon with the hope that by 8th grade the curriculum is mostly project based with the use of tools that include Excel, Word, coding and HTML.


Since 2013 the school has taken part in the “Hour of Code”, a global initiative to expose students to computer science.  All grades, except Kindergarten, enjoy grade level appropriate coding tutorials. This special assignment takes place during a week in December, but many students continue throughout the rest of the year working on coding.  In addition, a programming language called Scratch is introduced to 3rd graders.  Students can program stories, games, and animation.  Programming is a great way to help students learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically.


Also through the generosity of donors, the school has adopted a 1:1 iPad program.  Every student in preschool through 8th grade has the use of their own iPad during the school day.  These iPads have been used to create content in all areas of the curriculum using the creative apps available, as well as providing the ability to connect the classroom to people of interest using Skype.  The use of the iPads enriches content and allows for instant feedback.  The iPad program allows teachers to differentiate instruction and motivate students to utilize technology in a variety of ways.


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